Welcome to Wiki Info, a chance for new editors to know what goes on around here. The first thing you may ask is:

What is TV Tropes Style? 

TV Tropes Style is my new experiment on the wiki. Basically, entries are sorted into various categories(Funny Moments, Fridge, etc...). Editors choose a section and submit an entry according to the purpose of that section.

These sections are inspired by TV Tropes, a website dissecting works by their tropes. I was a former editor there.

TV Tropes has a Creeped Out page, but I find it a bit lacking, which is why this is here.

The sections are:

Funny Moments

Moments in Creeped Out that you think are funny.


Any question you have about the show is answered by other editors here.


Moments that make you say "awwww" or warm your heart, hence the title.

Tear Jerker

Moments that make you cry.

Nightmare Fuel

Naturally, a horror show like Creeped Out is going to have scenes that are at least going to try to creep you out. These are listed here.

Naturally, this page will be monitored by administrators to make sure it isn't overloaded with non-notable scenes.

Now... let's begin!

Is there anything I can't add here?

Excluding inappropriate stuff and non-Creeped Out related things, anything is allowed here. Once I find the right sections for them...

What is with Part 1 and Part 2?

Because Pre-Hiatus Episodes and Post-Hiatus episodes is a bit wordy, I've split Season 1 into Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 is for episodes aired before the hiatus and Part 2 for episodes aired after the hiatus.

Coincidentally, Part 1 was aired entirely in 2017 and Part 2 was aired entirely in 2018.

Protected Pages

Protected Pages are pages that only admins can edit. These pages are essentially not necessary for regular editors to edit.

The Actors Page

Formatting works like this: The protagonists of each episode are listed in a table with their actor. After that, the actors (The Curious's first, then the others by chronological order) are given a short bio of their life.

Other Info

  • The two-part episode Side Show gets one page for both parts. Any "Side Show Part One" or "Side Show Part Two" pages will be deleted on sight.
  • Koekoeken refers to the species, while Mrs. McMurtle refers to Cat Food's antagonist.
  • Because The Curious does not interact with any other Creeped Out characters, he can not be listed as a protagonist or antagonist.
  • Several episodes feature two protagonists, like Spaceman and The Traveller. In these cases, the two characters will be listed under one page. The episode Shed No Fear also falls under this category.