The Curious is...

A mysterious character who appears at the beginning and end of every Creeped Out episode(excluding the end of the 1st part and the beginning of the 2nd part of Side Show).

There isn't much known about The Curious, but one thing that is known is that whenever he plays his whistle, a creepy story is about to unfold. And it does.

At the beginning of the episode, The Narrator gives the few details known about The Curious before asking a question to the audience about the moral/topic of the episode.

At the end, The Curious is seen examining something from the scene of the episode. The narrator then rephrases the question from the beginning.


  • The Curious is the only character (besides The Narrator) who appears in every single episode.
  • The Curious is not alone in being a masked character; Stan the Spaceman from his titular episode is partly masked for a majority of his appearance.
  • The Curious is also the only main character who does not have a speaking role, the other being the Traveller, who communicates his desires via cards.