Stan the Spaceman is the hidden main villain in the eponymous episode of Creeped Out. He's the leader of an army who aim to take down planets.


In the episode Spaceman, Spud and Thomas discover something in the woods. It turns out that there's someone living in a space pod and they run off from it. But later on, the person follows Spud and Thomas to the latter's house and they become friends with it. Later in the episode, they choose to give the Spaceman a name: Stan.

In the end of the episode, it is revealed that when Stan goes into his pod that he was being friends with Spud and Thomas to find out more about their planet and that he wasn't a child. He tries to get other aliens to take their planet down, but Spud stops him by launching his machine away from their planet, leaving Stan stuck on Planet Earth, possibly forever. When they tell him he can live with human people, since he's physically similar to them, he unmasks himself, revealing they weren't completely right.


  • William Romain, who plays The Curious, also plays Stan in this episode.