Both Parts


Part One


Ace searches for his distant origins, as he believes he is not from the circus he was raised in. He is helped in his quest by Indigo, a new arrival to the circus.


A circus full of "rejected" performers who are said to need a place to go to, to call home and where they could have a family. The circus is owned by a man named 'Zephaniah'.

Part Two


As Ace starts to make sense of his few memories of his past, a plan comes together to get him home, but plans don't always go to plan. In the end, turns out he wasn't originally a human.


Turns out, All of the performers were animals. And Zephaniah was the one actually behind it all, using some form of black magic contained in eyes to control them and make a border around the circus. He contained various other eyes to do other things, one of them containing the memories of the performers and also keeping them trapped as helpless humans who think they are outcasts.


In this episode, it is believed the message is about how circus' today treat animals. Like in the two episodes, the animals are trapped and forced to perform. While the conductor is there, only doing it purely for the fame and money.