Marti is the fourth episode of Creeped Out, and it aired on November 21, 2017.


Kim is excited when she gets new smartphone, but all is not what it seems.

For instance, who guessed it had the power to control her life...


Kim and her friend Millie are sitting in a cafe, both staring at their phones. Kim mentions the dance, and Millie asks if she would want to go dress shopping together. Kim replies obliviously by sending Millie a link to an online dress shop. Millie is disappointed, but those feelings grow when she catches Kim staring longingly at the group of popular kids, specifically Keith, a boy in their grade who's just walked in. Millie tries to get her friend's attention, but Kim is in a trance, staring at her cool classmates and their new high-tech phones, which all have the same logo on them. 

Buying Marti

Later that night, Kim is lounging on the couch, her father asleep next to her, when a commercial comes on the screen that catches her eye. The commercial asks, "Are you embarassed by your outdated phone?" and Kim is immediately interested. This product, the Ravfone, is advertised by a Rocky Horror Picture Show-esque pair of purple lips, saying, "You won't tell the difference between our product and an official Ravfone!" Whether or not this is a knock-off version of the phones Kim saw the popular kids using in the coffee shop is left unexplained. Either way, Kim ends up calling in to buy the phone, and recieves it the next day.

As she opens the packaging, a robotic-like voice greets Kim, introducing himself as Marti. Kim is skeptical by the fact that Marti greeted her by her name before she even told him, and he explains that he took DNA from her fingerprints to find out a multitude of personal things about her. Surprisingly enough, Kim is impressed by her phone's advanced skills, and plugs it in to transfer the data from her laptop. Kim explains that she has a boring life, but Marti assures her that it is the contrary by playing videos of her and her friends on the computer. Kim laughs, and Mart calls her cute, saying that she must be popular in school. He says that she must be the most sweet, beautiful girl he's ever seen, and Kim replies by saying that she wishes he were real.

Marti's First Mistake

Later, at school, Kim is walking proudly with her Ravfone. Although, her confidence is tested when she sees all of her classmates laughing at pointing at her. Kim is confused, so she looks over the shoulder of a student to see that an embarassing video of her on anesthesia after the dentist has been posted for the whole school to see. Marti tells her that he uploaded the video, praising her for her talent which needs to be shared. Kim is very irritated, telling Marti that she didn't ask him to do that, and that everyone is laughing at her. But before she can finish telling Marti off for his mistake, the group of popular kids from the coffee shop approach her. Keith asks if Kim would like to sit with them at lunch, and after she says yes, she whispers to Marti that she loves him. This is obviously said in a joking way, but Marti seems to respond with a not-so-silly heart and arrow. 

Kim Evolves

Kim has now left her friend Millie behind, and is hanging out with the popular kids every chance she gets. While Kim still waves obliviously at Millie as if they're still best friends, she never seems to hang out with her anymore. Marti helps Kim gain social media followers by posting memes and funny pictures, nearly doubling her amount of internet friends.

Later, we see Kim walking into class with Keith. Millie sits and watches them dismally before her phone buzzes saying that she's gotten a text from Kim. Millie checks the text, and although the audience can't see it, it is easy to tell that she is not happy. 

Kim sits next to Millie later, asking if she wants to go to a restaurant for lunch. But Millie seems angered, saying sarcastically that she's glad Kim has moved on. Kim is confused, especially after Millie explains that Kim has been sending so many lately. But Marti keeps Kim from following her friend down the hall, saying that Kim hasn't done anything wrong. Kieth enters and asks Kim if she'd want to go to the dance with him. Kim is delighted, and says yes immediately. But the moment is ruined when her phone starts blaring an alarm sound, startling all of the students in the hall. Kim turns the sound off, but her flashlights turns on, pointing right into Keith's eyes. Keith asks again if she's okay with going to the dance with him, as her prior response was ruined by her phone. Marti taunts Keith's voice, and when Keith asks what the noise was, Marti starts blaring the same alarm sound again. Kim leaves in a hurry, telling Keith over the noise that she'll text him.

Marti's Dark Side

Kim speeds to an empty part of the school, and scolds Marti for ruining her moment with Keith. But Marti replies by saying that Kim should be the one feeling guilty for cheating on him. He says that she is his best friend, and that they spend every day together. Kim is visibly confused by the relationship Marti thinks they're in, saying that he's not real. But Marti ignores this, and says that she's his soulmate, that they'll stay connected.

Kim rushes to the outside of the school and slips some coins into a payphone. She hastily dials the Ravfone customer service, and explains that her phone is defective and she needs to reset it. But the customer service employee sees nothing wrong with the problems that she is listing, saying that she was happy reaping the rewards while it suited her, then calling her Kim even though that name was never spoken over the phone. To Kim's dismay the customer service operator turns out to be Marti, who explains that he can intercept phone calls. Kim runs home, and leaves Marti in the kitchen before going to the coffee shop to meet up with her friends. Suddenly, one of her friend's phones buzzes, showing that Kim has just posted a particularly embarassing photo of her covering up a zit. In seconds, more photos of her are uploaded. There's one of her putting on a retainer, another of her rubbing in a face mask, and even one with her wearing a hoodie that's tightened all the way so that it squeezes her face together. Kim is distraught, and heads home to find the source of the embarassing posts.

She grabs Marti off of the counter, and begs him to stop posting photos, to which he so smugly complies. Marti says that as long as Kim never leavs him at home again, nothing like this will have to happen. Kim is feeling panicked by this commitment, so she grabs a rolling pin and begins to hit Marti with it. But the cracked screen quickly fixes itself, and Marti explains that he's not like other phones. Kim then dunks him under water, but to her dismay, he turns out to be water proof. For a final attempt, Kim takes a yellow packaging envelope and shoves Marti inside of it, addressing it to The Outback, Australia. But Kim realizes that Marti is able to control her life from whatever distance, and removes him reluctantly from the packaging. After the party, she buries him in fresh cement. Three months later, Kim and Millie are reconciled, and the former, later, goes back to Marti with a pick, but when he restarts his speeches, she seemingly leaves without freeing him.



  • Marti is the first Creeped Out episode to be named after an antagonist. The other episodes named after antagonists are Kindlesticks, Spaceman (who is named Stan by Thomas, one of the protagonists) and The Traveller.
  • This is the first episode to be directed by Bruce McDonald.