Kindlesticks is the main anti-villain of the eponymous 9th episode of Creeped Out.




In the episode Kindlesticks, Esme, "the world's worst babysitter" is sent to babysit Ashley. Esme assumes that Kindlesticks is called Ashley and starts being unkind to him.

Shortly after this, strange things start occuring: Esme's boyfriend disappears, and "Ashley" warns Esme about Kindlesticks, but Esme doesn't believe him.

After "Ashley" scares Esme, he says that he was only joking because he had heard about how bad of a babysitter she was. Esme believes him and is relieved by this news. But this is not actually the case at all, in the end, it is revealed when Ashley's parents get home that Ashley had been in her bed the whole time - she is a girl, and the person who had been scaring Esme was Kindlesticks himself. Ashley's parents seemingly can't see him.


  • Like Bill Goat and the Traveller, Kindlesticks is not a villain, but he scared Esme so she would stop being unkind to other children she babysat and would learn her lesson.