Bravery Badge is the seventh episode of Creeped Out, and the first to be aired after the show took a one month hiatus in December and early January. It aired on January 9th, 2018.


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There's Dent, who wears headphones and obviously hates the troop as her mother did not take her on a "fancy cruise ship" as it was adults only, and instead sent her to the troop.


Dent goes along with a girl scout troop named the Hedgehog Ranger Troop in a unmapped region of the United Kingdom, presumed Scotland.

Dent meets *i dont know sorry* and gets questioned about why she doesn't even have the first badge, but the troop leader walks over, and explains that someone has to start somewhere. The troop sets off. Later on, it is dark out and the troop has set up camp, they all tell stories when a girl finishes her story with "And on that doorknob, was the hook." Shortly after, a fellow scout questions her, saying "What?". They then explain "the hook that they stalked her with!" the fellow scout goes on to explain that the storyteller said hockey mask and not hook, it is cleared up with the storyteller telling them it was a hook, and if they said hockey mask they meant hook.

It follows on where

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