BillyGoat356 is the main anti-villain in Trolled. His real name is Bill Goat, but BillyGoat356 is his username.


In the episode Trolled, BillyGoat356 leaves messages on the school website to Sam, warning him to not troll anymore. Sam doesn't listen and continues to troll people by secretly leaving mean messages on the school website. Because Sam continued to troll and not listen to BillyGoat356, he starts to turn into a real life troll.

During his school choir performance, Sam tries to cover his face from everyone seeing that he is a real life troll, but when he is forced to take his hood off, everybody sees that he is a troll, and later on, he gets turned into a statue on top of the school building, with 2 other statues.

In the end of the episode, it is revealed that he is the 356th school employee, Billy Goat.


Bill Goat name tag

Bill Goat's name tag

  • Like Kindlesticks and the Traveller, and unlike Mr. Blackteeth and Mrs. McMurtle, Billy Goat is not a villain. He only punished Sam for trolling people and turned him and other people into statues so they did not continue to troll people.
  • BillyGoat356 is the first human antagonist in Creeped Out, and the only other human antagonist besides The Traveller.